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The Time I Became It

The Time I Became It is Yonatan Naim's fourth book and the first in English.
The 70 poems and ideas in the book shed more light on Yonatan Naim's favorite issues: life, death, love and art. Some poems were probably written as lyrics to future songs while others focus on more philosophical issues such as time, language and God.

Yonatan Naim's unique observation of life and death, his sincerity, frankness and profundity will undoubtedly echo in you, the reader.  
The book is accompanied by an album consisting of 9 songs composed and produced by various musicians. To listen and free download the album please click here.


Night’s sleek cool fingers
Slip through my window
I dream of moonshine
And folding myself close
Silent after the storm

I hold you in my arms, I grab you, I pull you
to my chest, I feel you breathe, I hear your
heart pumping, I can feel it. Can you feel it?
The fire. Can you taste it? The fire. I pull you
closer. Closer. I slide inside, you slide inside,
we are inside, your breath upon my face.
And then, the fire dies. The fire dies and you’re gone.
And all that is left is that feeling in my head,
the feeling and the words your body said.

Prepare to die,
And don’t ask why,
It’s time to join the army!
It’s plain to see,
Your destiny,
Is to die and serve your country!
You’re not here to understand,
You are here under command!
Stop asking questions,
Stop telling lies,
Didn’t your father tell you how his father died?
You’re a man, not a boy,
You’re a soldier, not a man,
You’re a unit in a plan,
You’ll give us more than you can.
Welcome to the army soldier!
We gave and now you will give back,
We will command,
You won’t react.
You’re here for your country,
’cause it was there for you,
It needs the blood,
of boys like you!


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