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Yonatan Naim
Sifrei Yonatan Publication

Birthday Calendar

This Birthday Calendar is part of a project set out to create a dialogue between Yonatan Naim's poetry and various Israeli artists. 

The artists whose illustrations are in the calendar are: Yael Enoch-Levy, Ronny Fahima, Haya Geffen, Darya Krasnova, Natalie Levin, Anna Lukashevsky, Rotem from Kiryat Gat, Nadav Weisman, Noa Winchinsky, Shai Yehezkely and Yonatan himself.

Size: 10x40 cm


The cards and the birthday calendar can be purchased in The Tel Aviv at the gift stores of The Tel Aviv Art Museum and Eretz Israel  Museum (Muza), the book stores Book Worm,  HaMigdalor and Reading. They can also be ordered online through this site (contact). 

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YN Calender_Eng_Page_02.jpg
YN Calender_Eng_Page_03.jpg
YN Calender_Eng_Page_10.jpg
YN Calender_Eng_Page_11.jpg
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