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Yonatan Naim

Yonatan Naim

Yonatan Naim (1981-2011) a musician, author and poet who grew up in Nahariya, a small town in north-west Israel, before moving to Tel Aviv in 2002. Yonatan wrote and drew from a very young age. He majored in drama studies in high school and studied Bible and Islam in university. However Yonatan never really left the stage and held different roles as a composer, percussionist, stage manager, puppeteer and dubbing actor. In his writing, music, prose and poetry, Yonatan used various genres. He played a number of musical instruments including, the drums (specialized in African drumming), piano, flute, santur, D. J. and trumpet.


From 2001 on he cooperated with various artists from different disciplines and  played with a number of bands, like FUN,  HAKA, Band That Never Was and Spiral Group. All along he continued to focus on musical compositions for the theatre. He worked with director Tubi H. Dikman on the musical plays Doli City (2006), Kidma (2005) and Terrible Deed (2004).


Yonatan left behind hundreds of poems and stories that are being published posthumously. by Sifrey Yonatan. So far four books have been published: After the Stormy Night (a poetry book, 2012), Dad's Birthday (a children's book, 2013), The Absent (short stories, 2014), The Time I Became It (poetry book in English, 2015), Poetic Postcards (2016), Poetic Birthday Calendar in Hebrew (2016) and English (2020) and Happy BirthMonth in Hebrew (2018) and in English (2020) 

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