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Yonatan Naim
Sifrei Yonatan Publication


Why celebrate a birthday or any other happy occasion just one day, when we can celebrate and send greetings every day for a whole month? Just like Humpty Dumpty told Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass, "There are 364 days when you might get unbirthday presents and only one birthday present." 

Happy BirthMonth is an anthology of 30 daily gifts of poem fragments and reflections by Yonatan Naim, illustrated by Keren Katz, Roni Fahima and Rotem of Qiryat Gat. Roni Fahima’s illustrations can be combined in various ways to create alternating puzzles.


Happy BirthMonth comes with a clips that enables turning over or taking out pages while keeping the anthology together. It also enables hanging the anthology on the wall. The anthology has three different covers but the inside pages are identical. Each of the covers has a drawing of one of the three artists who illustrated the inside pages.  Just pick the one you prefer ☺

Size: 10x12 cm

Sifrei Yonatan is a non-profit publisher whose aim is to expose Yonatan Naim's courageous and sensitive work to the public. 


This Birthday Calendar can be purchased in Tel Aviv at the gift shops of The Museum of Eretz Israel (Muza) and the Tel Aviv Art Museum as well as in Reading and HaMigdalor book stores. 

It can also be ordered online through this site (contact). 

YN CalenderENG-Cover.jpeg
YN birthmonthENG 1.jpeg
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